If you couldn't find the right style of bags on the website, if you need some unique styles of bags, such as shopper, cosmetic bag, oversized or custom styles of bags. No problem, we will assist you and your team to bring the layout of ideas, design into the real product, for the interests of your sales results.

Whether as promotional bags, giveaways or the use at exhibitions or activities. Ecor GmbH will produce the most suitable products at your requests. Base on following key information:

Fabric Selection:

- For example: Weight of cotton fabric, Canvas, Jute, PP Non woven, PP woven, Bamboo fiber fabric, TENCELâ„¢, PET recycling fabric, Mesh, etc.

  • Specifications and Dimensions of Bags
  • Colour of Fabric
  • Colours of Printing and Dimension of Printing
  • Length and Amount of Handles
  • With or Without Bottom Gusset, Side Gussets

Custom Samples for Demonstration

  • Individualprodukt 1
  • Individualprodukt 2
  • Individualprodukt 3
  • Individualprodukt 4

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