Production and services

No matter how large your company's scale is and what kind of fabric you need for the bag, we will be serving you throughout the entire order process.

With our rich experience in management, sales promotion, production for shopping bag. We will cooperate with you about the design of bags. No middlemen. We guarantee that you will get your ideal bag.

These are the procedures that we follow throughout order:

1. In order to better understand your ideas and achieve results. In the first round of communication, we need to know your company's business philosophy, design ideas, target customer groups and using occasions. (Ocassions such as: For trade shows, special events, opening ceremonies, giveaways, special customer gifts, product launches, product promotions, corporate identity, anniversaries, seasonal events, etc.) We have to know the promotional items you choose, and your ideas about bags.

2. We will make bags according to your requirements. Besides procedures mentioned above in Point 1, the following two points of information are particularly important:

- a. Your budget.

- b. Your expected delivery date of the goods.

3. Details about bags, such as the style of design, fabric, color, fabric, size, accessories like pocket, zipper or snaps.

Once the design of bag, size, fabric, quantity, printing method and printing pattern are determined, we will take over the whole production. Once production starts, it's hard to make big changes. Otherwise it will delay our whole production schedule.

Our advantages

  • We will appoint one of our colleagues to discuss with you about the order.
  • We have our own factory, which makes the whole manufacturing process manageable. Including delivery time and quality inspection
  • Our senior managers have more than 30 years of shopping bag production experience and more than 10 years foreign trade experience, we are confident to offer you with right suggestions.
  • Our workers, technicians, quality inspectors and other relevant personnels will offer you with a full range of services to put your ideas of design on bags. If we find better suggestions in the production process, we will discuss with you in the first place. To improve and ameliorate after your approval. Our service will run through the whole production process since design discussion till delivery.
  • Before the production, according to your design we will show you the printed tote bag's visual effect via computer. So that you can see the overall effect visually and make final decisions.

Products display

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  • Foto des Referenzproduktes
    Bavarian Forest National Park
  • Foto des Referenzproduktes
    Bavarian Forest National Park
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